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Unpowered Ankle Exoskeleton Makes Walking Easier

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Here is a wearable system that helps you walk using less energy. Carnegie Mellon and North Carolina State University researchers have developed this ankle exoskeleton to reduce the “metabolic cost of walking by 7 percent.” It’s like taking off a 10-pound backpack. Such a solution could be used in the future to assist folks with mobility issues.

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You can imagine these lightweight efficient devices being worn on the affected limb to help people with the permanent aftereffects of stroke … We’re hopeful that designs that use similar techniques can help people who have had a stroke walk more easily. We’re still a little ways away from doing that, but we certainly plan to try,

explained Steve Collins.


This ankle exoskeleton has a mechanical clutch that engages when your foot is on the ground. It produces force to reduce the amount of energy you have to consume to move. The above GIF shows it in action.


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