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InAiR Augmented TV: See Web Content In the Air

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Meet the InAiR system from SeeSpace. This augmented TV system places web content inline with your viewing experience to take it to a whole new level. Just think about the possibilities here. You can watch your favorite content and see all kinds of useful background information, social updates, and more without getting distracted. Here is how SeeSpace explains the technology:

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The SeeSpace patented InAiR Engine intelligently identifies relevant Internet and social content based on what the viewer is watching on TV and deliver it to the TV screen in real time. InAiR uses the vast amount of readily available free content to enrich the viewing experience today

The InAiR system is designed to work with any existing TV. Just install the adapter, and you are ready to go. Users can control the system from their iPhone or Android device. Gesture control is also possible via a Kinect or Leap device. The company plans to make an API developer’s kit available in the future. The InAiR Smart HDMI adapter will be on Kickstarter soon for $99.

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