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Leveraxe: Easier Axe To Use

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Let’s face it, chopping firewood at the crack of dawn is one of the best ways to look built like Hercules. At least that’s what Hollywood movies suggest. But it’s not an easy job. You are going to have to burn some calories to get the job done.
Leveraxe is an innovative axe that uses lever mechanism and rotational action to make your job easier.

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Leveraxe’s heads is attached to the handle from the side and not through the center. The center of gravity is to one side of the handle and the line of strike. Here is why this axe is different:

The widening of the axe edge helps in initiating the rotating motion and prevents the axe from getting stuck inside the wood. The 1,9kg axe head has a significant amount of kinetic energy when it begins the rotational movement. While the centre of gravity of the head continues first to the right and then downwards the edge moves in a rotational direction to the left. This movement uses the rotational torque to split a log and push it away from the wood. In total the edge opens the wood by 8 cm. […] The Leveraxe is used just like an ordinary axe but with the difference that the handle should not be squeezed with full grip when the axe hits the wood.

The Leveraxe is fast and efficient. It can handle large and difficult logs. You can buy it for under 194 euros.


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