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35+ Must See Pokemon Gift Ideas

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The Pokemon franchise has lots of fans around the world. Plenty of gadgets and gizmos have been inspired by its creatures. Here are 35+ Pokemon gift ideas you don’t want to miss:

Electronic Pokemon Pikachu Piggy Bank: a cute little piggy bank with a Pikachu inside to take your coins.

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Interactive Pokedex: comes with a full-color LCD screen and over 1300 quiz questions. You also get to learn about 450 Pokemon in Kalos region.

Poke Engagement Ring: a Pokemon enamel ring for women. Available in 14k white or yellow gold with various enamel color options.

Trainer’s Pendant: a geeky piece of jewelry for Pokemon geeks. This small pendant has a half moon with Ruby on top and half moon cubic zirconia on the bottom.

Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise Silver Rings: these are detailed rings made from silver and available in various sizes.

Pokemon Engagement Ring: a beautiful handmade ring with Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander on it. Has a 5mm white sapphire stone in the center.

Masterball Ring: a beautifully detailed Pokeball ring crafted in solid 14k white gold. Comes with a natural diamond for the white stones and natural amethysts & pink topaz for purple and pink stones.

Levitating Pokemon Bluetooth Speaker: connects to your smartphone for wireless streaming. Has a range of 10 meters and works for up to 7 hours.

3D Printed Pokemon Chess Pieces: has 32 pieces portrayed by Pokemon characters. Just bring your own chessboard.

Pokemon Power Bank: a 10,000 mAh power bank for your iPhone, Android, and other comparable devices. Comes with short circuit and overload protection.

Pikachu Sunglasses: great for geeky parties and any other fun occasion. It offers UV 400 protection.

Light-up Pikachu Slippers: these light up when you step for 10 seconds. Each have a on/off switch.

Pokemon Go Catch Robot

Pokemon Go Catch: a little robot you can build to catch more Pokemon without working your fingers.

TRNDlabs Pokedrone

Pokedrone: a drone for Pokemon Go that lets you catch monsters in more challenging areas.

RED Trainer Costume: a 4-piece costume available in adult sizes from small to 4X.

Pikachu Hat and Pokemon Ball Baby Gift Set: comes with a crochet Pikachu hat that fits a 17″ head circumference. Two handmade Pokeballs are also included.

Giant Snorlax Pokemon Cushion: a soft, cute bed for your kids. It measures 5ft long, weighing about 12kg.

Pokeball Grinder: a cute 3-piece herb grinder with a hard plastic shell. Comes with storage space at the bottom.

Poke Ball Serving Bowl: consists of Pokeball shaped bowls to hold your favorite snacks.

Poké Ball Lunch Case: has space for your food, cards, and everything in between. Has an integrated handle and push-button release lid.

Poke Ball Pizza Cutter: has a removable blade for cutting pizza. It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Pokemon Cookie Cutter: made of food-safe materials, this cookie cutter lets you make Poke Ball shaped cookies for your family.

Sanger Pokemon Poke Ball Projector: a power bank that also happens to have a projector and Poke Ball LEDs.

Pikachu Portable Charger: a cute little charger that adds up to 3 extra hours of battery to your phone. It is powered by 2 AA batteries.

3D Pikachu iPhone 7 Case: a cute silicone gel case for iPhone 7 owners. It protects your smartphone from any shock.

Pikachu Phone Charger: this pokeball power bank has up to 20,000 mAh battery capacity to charge your gadgets.

Pokemon Get! Tsurizao: an interactive rod game for the fans of this franchise. Just use it to hook and capture monsters.

Pikachu Alarm Clock: another cute clock for your children that wakes them up on time.

Poké Ball Glass Ornament: this set comes with 4 large ornaments for a more geeky Christmas tree. These are made of glass, so don’t throw them.

Pokemon Bed-In-A-Bag: gives your bed a beautiful makeover. It is available in twin, full, and queen sizes, made of 100% polyester.

Mad Max Pokemon Car: a unique Poke Road car figure that brings the worlds of Pokemon and Mad Max together.

Pokemon Go Plus: a wearable device that lets you play Pokemon Go like a pro. It blinks and vibrates when you are within range of a PokeStop.

Pikachu Laplander Beanie Cap: a cute cap for Pikachu fans. Made of 100% acrylic.


Bioworld Pikachu Face Hat: a cute little hat for your kids. It is 60% Cotton/40% Polyester and has adjustable closure.

Pokemon Electronic Ball Game: this LCD game challenges you to catch Pokemon. Tilt the device so the light is in the middle and press both buttons to catch.

Pocket Monster: an interactive Master Ball by Takara Tomy with over 600 creatures. It comes with light, sound, and throw action.

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