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170+ Awesome Robots You Should See

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HR-OS5: a humanoid research robot with an Intel NUC D54250WYK and various DYNAMIXEL servos. It offers Xbee, Bluetooth, and WiFi connectivity.

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Musical Robots: these cute robots can jam with humans and express themselves.


Robot controlled LEGO Exoskeleton: this cute robot can be controlled using a wearable LEGO exoskeleton.


Robotic Exoskeleton for paralyzed patients: this smart wearable system enables paralyzed people to walk again. It has a modular design and uses small motors to allow the wearer to control the movement of each leg


Tomatan: a wearable robot that feeds you tomatoes as you run.

AVERT: a multi-robot system designed to extract and move vehicles.

Automated Voice Recognition Typewriter

Automated Voice Recognition Typewriter: this is a typewriter that recognizes your voice and types automatically.


AxiDraw: a personal writing and drawing machine that can produce human-like handwriting.

microbots pullilng a car

µTug Microrobots: these are versatile robots that can team up to pull heavy objects, such as a car.

robotic suitcase

Robotic Suitcase: a suitcase that follows you automatically wherever you go.


Smartbe Smart Stroller: an intelligent stroller with a motion tracking sensing system to follow you around.

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