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170+ Awesome Robots You Should See

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Double 2: a telepresence robot that lets you attend meetings at remote locations. The Double 2 Robot relies on Adaptive HD technology to provide you with smooth video while moving.


eMotion: a telepresence robot that combines with your tablet to keep you connected.


Tipron: a robotic video projector capable of projecting an 80 inch screen from a distance of 3 meters.

rocket launcher

MINDS-i 2-in-1 Super Rover: lets you assemble a 6WD ATV or 4WD Super Crawler. You can use it to build a robotic rocket launcher or try similar projects.

Robot Solves Rubik's Cube In 0.887 s

Sub1: a Rubik’s Cube solver that can get the job done in 0.887 s. It uses an Arduino compatible microcontroller board.


iBoardbot: an internet connected whiteboard robot that can write, draw, and erase on a glass surface. It comes with an open API for developers.


Otto: a wall-mounted drawing robot that can draw vector shapes based on input from a computer.

Smart Shoot

Smart Shoot: a shooting robot with face recognition and intelligent tracking, allowing you to take handsfree photos and videos.


PMB-2: an autonomous mobile base for robotic projects. It is fully compatible with ROS.


AVTO-01 Launcher: a robotic launcher for UAVs, keeping them away from bushes and trees.


R-Bat: an unmanned helicopter system for search and rescue missions.

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