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170+ Awesome Robots You Should See

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RoBoHoN: a robot smartphone that talks, walks, and dances. It is designed to keep you connected.

atat walker

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Star Wars Imperial AT-AT Walker Robot: a cute robot capable of moving its head, shaking its paw, and performing other tricks.

automatic book scanner

BFS-Auto Robot Scanner: this robotic scanner can scan over 250 pages per minute.

Whiteboard Clock: a simple robot that writes the time using a marker and wipes it.


PLEN2 Open Source Robot: a cute robot that can carry small things, dance, and try fun moves. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

robot riding bicycle

PRIMER-V2: a cool robot capable of riding a bicycle and maintaining its balance like a pro.

Humanoid Robot Balancing

Robot Balancing on Bongo Board: this cool robot is capable of balancing on a dynamic terrain like a bongo board.

Humanoid Robot

Tight rope walking robot: based on a Kondo KHR-3HV kit, this robot can walk across a 1 meter rope while maintaining its balance.

motorized conference table

MotionCOMMAND T: an interactive conference table with a motorized bar. The table is water resistant and comes with motorized outlets.


ShotBot: an Arduino powered shot pouring robot that serves you drinks.

lego tea maker

LEGO Mindstorms Tea Maker Robot: a simple tea making robot made using LEGO pieces.

litter <a href='https://www.gadgetify.com/tag/robot'>robot</a> iii

Litter-Robot III Open-Air: an automatic, self-cleaning litter box that makes life easier for pet parents.

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