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Dexmo: Exoskeleton To Touch the Digital World

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Meet the Dexmo: an exoskeleton system that lets you touch the digital world. Dexmo classic is a wearable mechanical exoskeleton system that captures 11 degrees of freedom of the hand motion. Dexmo F2 provides you with force feedback to further enhance your experience. Dexmo can detect three degrees of freedom of motion for the thumb and the split and bending of other four fingers. Its embedded IMU sensor allows Dexmo to output its orientation along the 3-axis.

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With Dexmo F2, you get digital force feedback for your index finger and thumb to feel digital objects. It achieves feedback by braking the joint using a miniaturized joint gear-disk braking mechanism. Here is how it works:

When a collision is detected(either by the collision detector in a program or by a pressure sensor in real life), a signal is sent back to the device, then the actuators activate and brake the joint, the exoskeleton locks, preventing the finger from further bending inwards, thus creating a normal force on the user’s fingertip.

You can use your Dexmo to control robots. It is also useful for virtual reality gaming. Whether you are an artist, gamer, or developer, Dexmo has something for you. You can get yours on Kickstarter.

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