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20+ Examples of Robots Doing Household Chores

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Washing the dishes, doing the laundry, cleaning, and even cooking are not everyone’s favorite activities. The good news is we will be able to use robots to get things done in our homes in the future. Here are 20+ examples of robots doing household chores:

robotic cooker

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Cooki: a robotic cooking appliance that makes your meals for you. It has an iOS / Android app and comes with an articulated robotic arm to mimic the motion you would make with your hand while cooking food.


CIROS: a robot kitchen assistant that relies on sensors, microphone, camera, and a dexterous hand to slice ingredients and prepare salads.


Moley Robotic Kitchen: fits into a regular kitchen and prepares your favorite dishes. It uses robotic arms to pour, mix ingredients, and do more.

sausage robot

BratWurst Bot: this robot grills and serves German sausage without any human help.

Marta: here is a robot capable of preparing pizzas. It spreads sauce on uncooked pies all day long.

egg robot

Yaskawa Motoman: this robot can prepare an egg sandwich for you using Robotiq universal grippers.

Robot To Deliver Bagels, Water Plants

Multipurpose Mobile Manipulator Robotics Platform: this is an Arduino Mega powered robot capable of performing a variety of tasks, including delivering your bagel.

robotic ironing

Robots ironing shirts & pants: this robotic ironing system uses Kinect sensors, wrinkle detection, and motion planning to iron your clothing items.

Atlas the Robot

Atlas robot sweeping the floor: this robot is designed to negotiate rough terrain, but it can clean your floors and work a vacuum like a pro.

litter <a href='https://www.gadgetify.com/tag/robot'>robot</a> iii

Litter-Robot III Open-Air: a robot for cat lovers that automatically cleans the litter box and saves litter.


Ori: lets you move your bed and furniture with the push of a button, turning your bedroom into an office or living room without breaking a sweat.


UVe: a robot with UV light to disinfect your kitchen, so you won’t have to.


FoldiMate: this robot folds and treats your laundry automatically. It spends 10 seconds folding each item.

star wars r2 d2 fridge

R2-D2 refrigerator: brings your drinks, so you don’t have to move at all. It also keeps them cool.

laundry robot

Laundry Robot: the PR2 robot can be programmed to plan how to do your laundry and execute it without human help.

robot making coffee

Robots serving coffee: companies such as Ford are using robots to become more operationally efficient. These robots can also be programmed to serve coffee and give people a massage.

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