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35+ Awesome Gift Ideas for Programmers & Developers

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It is no secret that coders love tech and geeky stuff, so you shouldn’t have to struggle to pick gifts for them. If you are looking for a gift for that special computer scientist or programmer in your life, you should give these a look:

Code:Deck: programming playing cards with Java, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SQL, C#, C++, and Python code snippets.

USB Big Enter Key: makes a great gift for programmers who deal with long coding sessions often. It is made of a soft sponge material and acts as a regular Enter key.

Samsung CHG90 49″ Curved Monitor: a huge ultra-wide monitor with 32:9 aspect ratio that provides users plenty of space for coding and gaming.

Stance Move Standing ChairStance Move Standing Chair: great for programming, design, and other jobs. Supports your body as you take a break from sitting.

Gigantic Coffee Mug: measures 11 inches wide, 9 inches tall, capable of holding enough coffee for long coding sessions.

Programmer Turns Caffeine And Pizza Into Software Sweatshirt: a funny adult sweatshirt that keeps you warm and comfortable.

Code Poetry Dress: a cool dress for developers with code all over it. It features smooth, wrinkle-resistant fabric.

wifi shirt

Wi-Fi Detector Shirt: we all need fast WiFi. This interactive shirt displays WiFi signal strength, so you will know what you are dealing with.


Code is Documentation Enough Shirt: plenty of coders don’t document their work properly. This shirt is a funny way to express that.

Circuit Board Tie: a silk tie for computer engineers and programmers with copper and silver metallic inks.

Installing Social Skills… Please Wait T-Shirt: a comfortable shirt for your socially awkward friends.

Portal 2 Sentry Turret: a motion activated desk defender that guards your work when you are away. It has over 10 different phrases.

Aibo Robot Dog: perfect for programmers who want a dog but don’t actually have time to take care of a real one.

Stormtrooper Robot: who doesn’t like Star Wars robot? This one comes with voice commands, facial recognition, and app with augmented reality.


Binary Wrist Watch: displays the time in binary format. It uses LEDs to represent the numbers.

Eat Sleep Code Coffee Mug: perfectly summarizes what dedicated coders are all about.

Programmer Nutrition Facts Glass Mug: holds 13 oz of your favorite coffee or tea and shows daily value % of patience, debugging, coding skill, sleep, …

DASUNG Paperlike Pro: an e-ink monitor that goes easy on your eyes as you code for long hours.

Hard Drive pencil holder: lets users keep things organized on their desk.

HDDWatch: a hard drive turned into a watch. It was made from a 1-inch HDD.


Emperor 1510 Workstation: makes you more productive at work. It has a steel structure, integrated audio system, LED lighting, and tilt functionality.


Peeqo: a Raspberry Pi powered robot that expresses itself with GIFs. It also responds to voice commands.


CodeGamer: a wonderful kit for programmers to use to teach their kids Arduino programming through games.

Wonder Workshop Cue: a smart robot with emotive AI for kids. It supports block-based and JavaScript programming.

wristocat levitation

Wristocat: a wrist support system with levitation for coders.

L3D 16 x 16 x 16 LED Cube: dances to music to put on a light show. It can be programmed with Arduino and JavaScript.

Edge Desk: an ergonomic kneeling desk and chair with adjustable design. It supports users up to 250 pounds.


La-Z-Boy: an adjustable computer chair that lets you work or watch in a more comfortable fashion.

Sobro: a coffee table with Bluetooth speakers, LED lighting, and everything you need to refuel during your coding sessions.

Table Pong: a coffee table with a playable game of pong that is ready for action when you need to take a break.

TABATA 42″ Coffee Table: an interactive touchscreen table with enough power for gaming, watching videos, and browsing.

Apek MaxPad: a multitouch TV, desk hybrid with 5 modes. It is available in 39″, 50″, and 64.5″ models.

IDE Belt: this geeky belt was made out of the ribbon cable used for IDE cables.

Pixel-8 Neck Tie: a funny 8-bit tie for Halloween or any other occasion.

Circuit Board Ornament: we have covered plenty of geeky Christmas ornaments here in the past. This one is ideal for programmers, software engineers, and techies.

C-jump: a computer programming board game that teaches kids basics of C++ and Java.

Programmer Pet Collar: made with a printed cotton fabric and lined with a soft satin ribbon, this collar is great for your programmer friend’s dog.

Punching Speed Bag Stress Buster: useful for relieving stress at work. You can attach it to any flat surface.

Have you found cooler gift ideas for programmers? Please share them here.

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